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All media credential applications will be reviewed and must be approved before badges are issued.
Media Credentials

Legislative media badges are not required when reporting and communicating legislative proceedings. Media badges are issued as a security measure and may expedite entry into the building and gaining access into certain designated areas during proceedings of the Legislature when space is available. Badges are issued only to reporters who regularly visit the Capitol. They are not needed by, nor issued to, visiting media.

To receive a legislative media badge, an applicant CANNOT be an employee of an organization that engages in lobbying or paid advocacy, advertising, publicity or promotions for any individual, political party, corporation, organization or government agency.

The applicant must be a salaried staff correspondent, reporter or photographer regularly employed by a newspaper, television or radio station, or other recognized news gathering operation approved by this office. The applicant's employer must verify employment.

News media badges issued by any other entity are not valid for entrance to the designated media areas of the Capitol.

The cost for a new annual identification badge is $10.00, good for one year.

The replacement cost for a lost badge is $10.00. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CASH. Please complete the online form as instructed or return the printable form via fax to 225-342-0472 or via U.S. mail with payment to:

Office of Sergeant At Arms-HOUSE
P.O. Box 94062
Baton Rouge, LA 70804

Other Important Information to Know:

• Media badges do not exempt the media from entering the Capitol without going through security.
• Balcony seating is always open. Media badges are not required to monitor session proceedings from either Legislative Chamber Balcony.
• Cameras are not allowed in Chamber Balcony

You will be notified upon approval or denial of your application.

Once approved and payment received, your identification badge will be created and available on your next visit to the State Capitol in the Office of the Sergeant at Arms, Basement Floor, Room 151.

If you have any questions, please call 225-342-9795 or 225 342-1228.

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